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“I Like a Little Science in My Fiction”

Some people walk on water //
Some just keep falling down.

— from Ramon, by Laurie Anderson

Whenever the imminent death of SF from lack of scientific knowledge and/or mindset comes up, some people wring hands and point fingers at YA fantasy or the “feminization” of the domain, some spring to action:  Kay Holt and Bart Leib, the founders/editors of Crossed Genres, just launched a blog titled Science in My Fiction.  As Kay says, both in words and in the playful image she created to celebrate the launch (right):

“The purpose of the Science in My Fiction blog is to get science fiction and fantasy writers and fans thinking ahead of science again. Playful bloggers will take a look at recent scientific developments and extrapolate potential futures from them. // This is a fight for survival of the fiction. It’s time to seize culture and do science to it!”

Visitors to Astrogator’s Logs will recognize some SiMF contributors: Peggy Kolm, Calvin Johnson, and yours truly.  The first post is Extrapolative Fiction for Sapient Earthlings by Kay Holt.  Posts will initially appear twice weekly and may increase to thrice weekly once the contributors find their rhythm.

Go take a look!

7 Responses to ““I Like a Little Science in My Fiction””

  1. Calvin says:

    As Athena knows, I will have the next entry up on Friday.

  2. Athena says:

    That’s right! So hie yourselves to the cosmic watering hole, sapient earthlings.

  3. Caliban says:

    My entry is now up.

  4. LauraJMixon says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the link, Athena. Right up my alley!

  5. Athena says:

    I thought it might be, Laura! The first two posts (Kay and Calvin’s) caused lively discussions. Mine will be posted Monday, a “reprint” seguing from Calvin’s post.

  6. Greg. Tingey says:

    Try THIS blog:

    For an SF writer’s take on Science in fiction.
    True SF is by no means dead, or dying….

  7. Athena says:

    I’m aware of Charlie Stross’ blog. His fiction is cyberpunk, with all the implications of this. I discuss one important aspect of it in my article SF Goes McDonald’s: Less Taste, More Gristle.