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Boundaries are for Crossing: Hadley Rille Books

Anyone who has read my writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, knows that I dislike genre ghettoes. I also think that well-run small presses are our best hope for publishing work that does not adhere to workshop recipes.

One such press is Hadley Rille Books, founded in 2005 by Eric Reynolds. Eric’s press publishes stories that straddle science fiction, archaeology and fantasy — three ingredients that mingle particularly well and can engender utterly absorbing stories.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, Hadley Rille Books is launching a book sale drive from now till the end of the year. If you register at the site, you will be entered for the drawing of a Kindle 3G and will get any books you order at a discount and with free shipping.

I haven’t met Eric in person, but our e-mail exchanges made me realize that (contrary to common wisdom) a person can shoulder the herculean task of steering a small press and still be a thoroughly responsive and pleasant human being. Among Hadley Rille’s titles are the well-received Ruins series and the press has introduced several new authors to the world. I, for one, hope that such presses — and such editors — become the norm.

19 Responses to “Boundaries are for Crossing: Hadley Rille Books”

  1. Asakiyume says:

    Interesting to see what things pop up from unrelated corners of my friends list! One person on my reading list has a novel coming out from this press. I shall definitely have to go over and register. Also, the fact that the press has your approval makes me fell extra good about her being accepted there.

  2. Athena says:

    It’s not a large universe, when you think of its parameters! May I ask the title of the forthcoming book?

  3. Walden2 says:

    Hadley Rille – that’s where the astronauts of Apollo 15 landed on the Moon in 1971.

  4. Asakiyume says:

    I will respond by e-mail 🙂

  5. Athena says:

    Larry, indeed! The press is named after that particular lunar feature.

  6. Marie says:

    What a stunning selection of books! I am delighted with your suggestion to view the web site of this publisher. I have already seen at least 5 volumes that I will be ordering for my already overcrowded library (and you know from the past what that looks like)
    Since it is already past midnight, which is my normal nocturnal station, I will have to jot down the titles and order later today.
    Thanks again for your continued good advice.

  7. Athena says:

    Marie, I never feel guilty about overcrowding libraries, mine or anyone else’s! *laughs*

  8. Eloise says:

    Just a little mention of another independent publisher, Viggo Mortensen’s own Perceval Press:

    Gotta love the way he branches out, as a true Renaissance man.


    Eloise 🙂

  9. Athena says:

    Indeed, Eloise! I’ve been tracking Perceval Press for several years. They brought out interesting books, though they tend to run out of print fast.

  10. Terri-Lynne says:

    Hey! Thanks for the shout out!

    I can’t say enough great things about HRB or Eric. Smallpressworld is, in my estimation, an amazing place to be. We might be lacking in fame and fortune, but the freedom, the fellowship, the sense of family is incomparable.

  11. Athena says:

    Good luck with the book, Terri!

  12. Terri-Lynne says:

    Thanks, Athena!

  13. Hi, Athena,

    Thanks for mentioning Hadley Rille Books. Eric is really great to work with.


  14. Athena says:

    You’re most welcome, Sophy — and I fully believe Eric makes a terrific co-worker.

  15. Thanks for posting this. 🙂 I know first hand that Eric is great to work with, and that he puts a lot of love and work in all his books.

    BTW, I have a story in their “Footprints” anthology and two more in their upcoming “Helios: the Aether Age” anthology. 😉 Small world….

    And I’ve been meaning to do a similar post, but the last three weeks or so have been unusually hectic and crazy. :/

  16. Athena says:

    Small world indeed, Christine! Given the premise of the Helios anthology, I’m not suprised to find out you there… *smile*

  17. Heh, thanks. Interestingly, my Hellenic Muse was on vacation when I stumbled upon the submission call, so both of my stories in “Helios” have an Egyptian theme. Alas, and no cats. 🙁 But plenty of lions. 😉

    BTW, have you seen its book trailer? It’s awesome, and has snippets of some of the coolest artwork I’ve seen in a while.

  18. Athena says:

    Egyptian theme?? Traitor! *laughs* I saw some of the artwork a while ago, but I’ll go take another look, in case there are updates.

  19. intrigued_scribe says:

    Thanks for posting this! I can see my “to-read” list’s about to lengthen again…. 🙂