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The Launch of the First Stage Approaches

As many of you know, I decided to conjure an anthology of original stories that are (broadly interpreted) mythic space opera with women protagonists. I will be releasing the TOC of The Other Half of the Sky in the next few days.

In the meantime, Charles Tan interviewed me for the World SF blog specifically about the anthology. This interview is a bookend to an earlier one I gave to SF Signal. The two give a lot of insight into what I wanted to achieve with this venture:

The World SF interview

The SF Signal interview

Keep eyes on telescopes for the next stage of the launch!

Image: Eleni Tsami, A Fisherman of Ares Vallis

2 Responses to “The Launch of the First Stage Approaches”

  1. Christopher Phoenix says:

    I eagerly await the launch of your anthology, Athena!! Will there be illustrations in this book? I always loved SF illustrations…

  2. Athena says:

    I considered illustrations — but they add too much logistical complexity. If this anthology is a success, I’ll reconsider for the next one!