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To Shape the Dark, Protagonist Vocations

As people know, I’ve been working on the successor of The Other Half of the Sky.  It focuses on women scientists doing science not-as-usual and is titled To Shape the Dark — because that’s what scientists (should) do.

I spent this past weekend doing final passes on about half the stories that will appear on the anthology.  If things continue at this rate we’ll have a finalized TOC by the first week of June.  Until then, here are the occupations of the stories’ protagonists, to whet people’s appetites. People took my injunction not to flood me with computer programmers and psychologists seriously!

Other Half 160

Molecular biologist/virologist
Plant biochemists/engineers
Protein chemist
Tissue/neural engineer
Brain scientist/engineer
Cultural anthropologist
Materials scientist/architect
Planetary physicist
Quantum physicist
Hyperspatial mathematician and plasma smith

7 Responses to “To Shape the Dark, Protagonist Vocations”

  1. delagar says:

    I’m really looking forward to this one!

  2. Athena says:


  3. Christopher Phoenix says:

    Wow, that’s quite an exciting list! I especially like the inclusion of materials science. I have been fascinated with materials science since a young age when I realized that the properties of available materials limit what we can build.

    BTW, the biochemist/magician- what kind of magician is she? Magic (i.e. standard fantasy pew-pew stuff) or Magick (traditional and occult)? With your tastes I expect this will have to be something different than standard fantasy fare- and more interesting.

  4. Athena says:

    Magick, of course, with an interesting scientific twist.

  5. Christopher Phoenix says:

    I should have anticipated nothing different. *smile* That’s very exciting, I’m eager to read this story when To Shape the Dark comes out!

  6. intrigued_scribe says:

    Interesting, and exciting!

  7. Athena says:

    I thought it might be! *smile*